by Neuland Industriedesign

Randomissimo represents the involution of the Random concept. It accompanies the ripe sign of the present collection towards its total subtraction, turning it into a simple graphic line, an apostrophe on the wall. A piece of furniture for personal items: featuring a reduced overall size, it is changeable, playful, complementary and modular. Randomissimo embodies so well MDF Italia’s identity principles: subtraction, formal and technical simplicity and strong emotional imprint.

Price: $338.00
Please inquire for additional discounts or trade pricing


2.5mm thick steel sheet, powder coated in matte white and graphite grey. The back rests are made of fiber canvas with magnetic couplings. Available in white, black, grey, dove grey, red, yellow, blue



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Randomissimo Randomissimo Randomissimo Randomissimo Randomissimo