Minima 3.0

by Fattorini + Rizzini + Partners

Minima 3.0: three stands for the three key elements that compose the system: shelf, frame, cabinets. Essential and flexible, Minima 3.0 represents the natural makeover of Minima, MDF Italia collection’s icon product. The considerable span of the shelf in extruded aluminium combined with the joining system, have allowed to develop the system in length, making it modern and adjustable to any kind of environment: home, office, community areas, contract. Available in either the free-standing or hanging variants, always with a 33 cm depth.

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15mm thick extruded aluminium, MD-wood fiberboards, various lacquers and finishes available



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Minima 3.0 Minima 3.0 Minima 3.0 Minima 3.0 Minima 3.0 Minima 3.0 Minima 3.0 Minima 3.0