Four Leaves Coat Stand

by BarberOsgerby

Four Leaves is a crafted, yet no-nonsense product that can live happily in any space, public or private. A coat stand should look fantastic naked as well as dressed, and it is with this in mind that we avoided either functionalism or whimsy. The project was realized through hundreds of sketches and models, until we found the answer; a shape that was so simple it felt as though it had evolved rather than been designed. The ëleavesí hold coats perfectly and the arms serve as a little rails for coat hangers. The base, head and optional umbrella ring were die cast in aluminium and the pole extruded from aluminium so that the entire piece could have a natural polished finish.

Price: $587.00 - $899.00
Please inquire for additional discounts or trade pricing


Die-cast Aluminium


See PDF.

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Four Leaves Coat Stand Four Leaves Coat Stand