by Giulio Iacchetti

The inspiration behind the Bloom bookshelf comes directly from the natural world, in particular the idea of a 'bud' which allows Bloom to blossom forth- grow and muliply. Traditionally the term 'bookshelf' implies a static form created for storage (of books, magazines, folders, papers, or objects) but in Bloom, the meaning is slightly shifted towards the idea of an 'evolving system' made up of memories, constantly growing- prolific and abundant. In terms of the design itself, Bloom is a piece characterized by research and innovation. Bringing together the most difficult challenges and resolving the problem of formal distortion by simply rotating the weight bearing structural elements by 45 degrees. This guarantees stability and visually simplifies the entire bookshelf. The theme of simplicity is exemplified by the scarcity of structural elements in the piece: the vertical lines, the weight bearing 'buds' and the shelves themselves. The vertical elements are crafted from aluminum tubing with 4 special runners which allow the 'bids' to be attached. These are crafted in dye-cast aluminum and hold up the shelves. The materials used are ecologically sustainable, aluminum that is 100% recyclable. The teak used in the creation of Bloom is certified FSC.

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aluminum, mdf, teak- available in white, black, green, or teak


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