Studio 63


Studio 63 Architecture + Design is based in the historical center of Florence Italy.  The fruitful encounter between Piero Angelo Orecchioni and Massino Dei led to the foundation of Studio 63 in 1998.  By 2003, Studio 63 inaugurated its New York City office, by 2005 its office in Hong Kong and by 2008 its office in Shanghai and an operative partnership in Dubai and Singapore. The creative team is composed of gifted professionals, coming from various disciplines, working together in a fertile and challenging multi-culteral exchange.  A strong identity is the hallmark of our projects.  The identity is a result of extended research, creative proposals and deep respect of the contemporary language criteria.  Studio 63 is operating in more than 25 countries around the world managing to the last detail projects from concept development through design and planning towards their complete achievement.  Our specialties are retail design and hotelier.  The creative process is an intense journey shared with the client.  Only close collaboration and understanding can lead a project to new horizons.  This practice is inspired by a continuous research and the blend of various artistic disciplines.  Each project is a new opportunity for growth and development.