Philippe Allaeys


Philippe Allaeys was born and raised in Belgium. Following his studies in the field of architecture at the Saint-Lucas institute in Ghent, he was involved as a freelance architect in several projects in some of the most prestigious architecture bureaus in Belgium. Together with seven friends who were architects, designers and artists, Philippe Allaeys launched the group ZO in 1992, later "The tables of Alph: the alphabet for good living", a design studio creating design, production and distribution of furniture. A number of his prize winning designs have been licensed and distributed worldwide by some of the most respectable furniture design companies. His designs are minimal, flexible, often wooden and follow natural rhythms. For VITEO OUTDOORS, he reinvented outdoor furniture with his multifunctional stool OENI ("objet exterieur non identifier" or EFNI "exterior furniture non identified") - another logical step on a path dedicated to a new interpretation of wood as material.