Maarten De Ceulaer


Maarten De Ceulaer studied Interior Design at Sint-Lukas Hogeschool in Brussels. After graduating in 2007, he began to work in the field of product and furniture design. He had internships with Danny Venlet and Alain Berteau in Brussels, and in India at Mudoffice. In 2007 he won the Dynamo Belgian Young Designers Award. Generally his works are focused on a strong central theme. He raises questions about the world that surrounds him. Poetry, comfort, sense of humor and communication of ideas are fundamental aspects of his projects, from which flow objects that are both beautiful and functional. In addition to the pure concept, his desire is that his projects become something that go beyond a good idea or a fun thought. An excellent concept translated into an excellent product. This is his goal. Currently he is traveling and working for a non profit organization in India.