Design Group Italia


Design Group Italia is a design studio with its head office in Milan, and is run by Edgardo Angelini, Ross De Salvo and Sigurdur Thorsteinsson. Set up by Marco Del Corno in 1968, today Design Group Italia has a qualified professional team which works along a creative research and experimentation route, always directed towards finding the most innovative technical, functional and formal solution for each project. Design Group Italia is a case of Italian professional eclecticism and international vocation, which has carried through highly successful projects for a large number of customers in different parts of the world, from ABB to Tamoil, from Unilever to Barilla, from Fila to Kone, Jacuzzi and Magis: an example which says it all is the Mentadent White System toothbrush which, during the year of its presentation on the European market, sold 12 million pieces. These projects are, therefore, very different from each other, but all have a common denominator - innovation. Combining market requirements and the needs of industrial production with what is made available from time to time by technological advances is Design Group Italia°Øs professional outlook. The final objective is always to make a truly innovative product, but one which is simple to produce, correct towards users and a market winner. To do all this, Design Group Italia has internally developed and put together design tools such as Trend Analysis, Interface Design, Product Graphics, CMF design (colours-materials-finishes), Engineering Design, CAD Surface Modelling and Development of Models and Protoyptes. As confirmation of its working method, Design Group Italia has received many International awards over the course of its history, such as the Compasso d°Øoro (ADI), the IF (Industrie Forum Design in Hannover), the Design Innovation - Red Dot (Design Centrum Northeren Westfalen), the BIO in Lublijana, the Design Auswahl (Design Center Stuttgard), the JANUS de l°ØIndustrie award (Institut Francais du Design Industrielle), and the TOP TEN (Promosedia di Udine).