Claudio Nardi


Claudio Nardi creates architectural projects, for government offices and private clients, in Italy and, above all, abroad. Most of his projects deal with the theme of trasformation, the relatioship between innovation and history, between form and function, between ìproductî - in the broadest sense ñ and comunication, involving, every time, a deep study, not only in his own sphere of specialization: every project, even an interior, is to a large extent developed through the use of light, sensitive materials and peculiar combinations of surfaces, volumes solids and open spaces in mutual relatioship. The roots of a language, that is costantly enriched with new expressions, can be found in the mediterranean culture and italian rationalism, but his costant search of new materials and technological experimentation, combined with the fashination for modern and ancient sites, allows Nardi to develop innovative themes and functions. In this view, the themes of large-scale architecture, of residential or commercial space, of art exhibition and industrial design, all keep the same importance and let the observer come throgh a vivid sensorial experience. Many of his projects belongs to the world of fashion such as Dolce e Gabbana, FerrË, Valentino, ExtË, Malo and Todís and among his most recent works appear the New Headquarter of the Port Autority in Marina di Carrara (2007), the Vertex Tower and Office Building in Amman (2007), the New Museum of Contemporary Art ñ Fabrika Schindlera in Krakow (2007) (first prize winner). During his career, he has won many prizes and awards in architectural axhibitions and competitions. Among other activities, he teaches at the Department of Architecture in Florence and gives lectures about art and architecture.