Antonella Mosca


Antonello Mosca was born in Milan where he gained a degree in Architecture at Milan Polytechnic. He started work as an internal architect in 1964 working on apartments, villas and showrooms in Milan, London, Rome, Naples and Capri. He is presently engaged in a project to create a residential complex with a golf course. With a view to exhibitions and fairs, Antonello Mosca also designs stands for exhibitions such as the ICE and other venues held in Paris, Frankfurt and Shanghai. His professionalism is even recognised in the textile sector, where he was the founder of Tessilforum, the Consortium of Italian Textile Producers, and he also worked for 12 years as a textile consultant for Bayer, where he produced an edition of Visiona together with Ferre, the fashion stylist. He has many diplomas which testify his participation in various Milan Triennials and he has taken part on various occasions regarding contemporary design, which have been held in Genoa, Rome, Florence, Paris and Bangkok. In the editorial field, Mosca has directed the periodical Casamica for 23 years and founded Bravacasa and In Casa, having also written numerous articles on furnishing for the il Corriere della Sera. Furthermore, he has been responsible for pages appearing in Il Resto del Carlino, regarding furniture, and presently collaborates with Il Giornale, writing weekly articles dedicated to the home, architecture and urban-ism.